Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Farm Living

Photos by Brooke Oland
Hi Kids, just wanted to share some fun we had on Sunday. Angela and I went to visit our neighbours down the road who have a farm with all kinds of animals. Angela wanted to see the newly born piglets and try to convince me that we should have one as a pet!!! The idea was to buy our own to eat and discuss buying meat directly from the farm but of course that was all over shadowed with the baby pigs, sheep, highland cattle, ducks, geese, chickens, goats... you name it they had it. I've never held a piglet in my arms before and it was really neat. They are very warm and like to snuggle, they smelt like puppy and were very gentle. It took every thing I had to keep one from hiding in Angela's jacket LOL!!! She loves all kinds of animals and she wants us to have a petting farm/ sanctuary but not until we've done some travelling first. It takes a lot of responsibility and once it comes home to us we can't just give it away because we're too busy or don't have time, so when we're older maybe an animal sanctuary could happen, we certainly have the room for it!

It was a real eye opener seeing where our meat comes from and how animals should be treated and respected. I hope you kids have a sense of that respect and responsibility for your own pets and think about the food you eat and where it comes from. I don't think you're ever too young to learn that life is precious whether it be a dog, chicken or a little pig. It felt good holding this tiny little warm body that trusted I wouldn't hurt it. The animals at this farm are treated very well and it was such an honour to sit and have tea with these folks and get to know them and what they do. Hope you enjoyed my little tale. 

I love you

Busy season!

Hi Kids,

How's your Spring going so far? Is it any warmer in Ontario than the weather we're having out here lately? It's been a little chilly (Angela still keeps the wood stove going...LOL!) to say the least but it hasn't stopped us from all the Spring cleaning around the yard and of course getting the bikes on the road. Angela was in Hamilton and Toronto at the end of April and said it was cold there too. She was bringing in new tenants to the Hamilton house. Do you remember our house in Hamilton? I'm sure you do, you both loved that place and especially the art studio Angela had in the attic. It's weird having other people live in your house, it doesn't even seem like it's our place anymore... you go there and it looks the same but as soon as you walk through the door it's different is some way. It's still your house but not your home, I guess that's what I mean. Anyway everything went smoothly and she was able to visit with Grandma and Grandpa. Did you know Grandma is on facebook now too? You can't find her if you just do a search but I'm sure if you asked her she would add you..LOL!!

Anyway, its been really busy for me at my job and of course getting ready for the B&B this summer. We already have some bookings and friends are coming this year from Winnipeg and New Hampshire. Should be fun and very busy at the same time.

I hope you have lots of fun things planned for your summer. School will be over soon for you and fun times will begin. How is your new school? Have you been able to make good friends and/or keep in touch with old ones? Are you still doing a lot of extra activities? Have you been playing guitar or drums? I know, a million questions, right? It's only because I don't know and I love you and care what you're doing!
I hear Sophie is becoming quite the little lady and has her own sense of style now. I think that's great!!!

I love you both so much!!! I hope you're having fun and enjoying your life in Kingston. I'm sure it's a lot of fun there too. Hugs and kisses to you both.

I love you very much!!!!!!
Dad :)

Birthday Cake!

Birthday Cake!

Family Reunion

Family Reunion