Friday, September 10, 2010

Sooner or Later the truth gets out

Hi kids,

You know you're doing the right thing when the truth gets out and people respond 
to what is being said. I found a new strength in what I'm doing for you and believe me
I won't give up on journaling what needs to be said. I know that some people are going to 
be really upset with what I write because what I'm doing is exposing the truth and when someone spends their whole lives hiding from the truth it only creates a life of deceit and ugliness. 

I'm not hiding anything from you anymore. So keep reading and keep learning about
the kind of person you want to be when you grow up. I had to temporarily take down your new
website but it will be up soon, in the meantime I have this blog for you and me.

I love you kids with all my heart!

History Repeating

It truly is a sad thing when you see something that never should have happened to one generation.... happen again to the next generation.
This is how I feel about my kids being alienated from me. My ex-wife was alienated from her father and to be truthful he was the kind of parent that didn't want to be in his kids lives even though they tried to be in his, so my ex grew up without a father's love and devotion and now she is doing the same thing to our children. I want to be a part of my kids lives in every way possible and that has never changed and never will.
Instead my ex-wife made the decision to replace my role as a loving, supportive and nurturing father to a person that I thought was a friend, Simon Moon (aka, Deadlord, Damien Black, Si or Sly). Little more than one month after Natasha and I were seperated Simon was moved in and  his name was on the title of the house.  She was taken in by his con and in 2007 she forced me into a situation that had me give up parental rights to Simon with the acception that my mom and sister would still have visitation rights. I would be able to talk on the phone and send gifts, money etc., but what I didn't know then was I would never be able to see them again nor talk to them or have any kind of communication what-so-ever with my kids until they are over the age of 18. The law states I have certain rights as do grandparents but when not enforced what good is the law, where is the justice?
I'm not going to go into the details of why I allowed such a thing to happen, That is something that I have been slowly piecing together in my blog and to be honest some things are better left to discuss in person. Until someone walks a mile in your shoes no one can truly say they would have done different. What I did would ultimately benefit no one but my kids and I can honestly say everything I did was for them and no one else. I wish I could say the same about Natasha.

This section is about how I got here and where I am now. I'm in a happy place now with a new life. I had hoped with all my heart that my kids would be a part of that life and be able to share all that equal parenting has to offer, but sadly that is not the case. So I continue to build, learn and strive to be a better person and in the end a better father for one day when my kids are ready I will be here for them, without the bitter hurt of the past but with open arms of unconditional love. They will be angry and confused with many questions but I'm ready for it when they are.

I hope other parents suffering from the hands of an obsessed alienator will seek comfort, knowledge and understanding in my story, for now it is a sad one that lives in my heart but not without hope and the belief that there is always a happy ending. An ending that see's my kids back in my life.


Summer Memories

Hi Kids,
Well I guess I don't need to tell you how fast this summer is passing us because I'm pretty sure you're thinking the same thing. As a kid I remember waiting for what seemed like forever for the summer to get here and then as if it was just a few days... it was gone.  I certainly hope you're taking advantage of the great weather and all the new experiences that you're having. I hope they're all good ones too!

Your Dad has been enjoying the new job and our guests at the Bed and Breakfast have been great this year especially with repeats from previous years it's like having old friends over. I can't help but think where the time has gone and how much I still want to do before it starts heading into autumn weather.  Do you remember that summer at our Hamilton house and how hot it was? We had that kiddie pool in the back for you kids and Danika just couldn't help but get in there too.
We went to the carnival in Gage Park that summer... Zach, you and Angela went on that space ship ride that makes you stick to the wall... twice! Sophie, you and I went on the spinning strawberries and it was so great to see you both just having so much fun. That was a good summer for us... and you loved your rooms and the artist loft upstairs. That's all you wanted to do as soon as you got there, is go up to the loft and paint or make masks or whatever you and Angela had planned for the weekend. I still have all of your creations, every single one!

That summer seems so very long ago now... but I hold it in my heart and carry those lasting memories with me everyday. That's what summer is all about I think, especially for kids, you should be thinking of nothing else than the next great adventure or going fishing or playing until dark with friends until it's time for bed.

I miss you so much!!!
I hope you are having a wonderful summer and know that I'm there with you even though
you may not think so.

I love you very much

Birthday Cake!

Birthday Cake!

Family Reunion

Family Reunion