Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You have a new cousin!

Great News!

I thought you might want to know but I'm pretty sure Grandma told you already that you have a new baby cousin, River Maddox Doherty is his name and he was born May 27th.
Sienna is growing up fast and I'm sure she's excited to be a big sister. I wonder if you get to see your Aunt Cindy and Uncle Mike much? They miss you a lot I know that much.

Oh I'm not sure if you got your birthday gifts yet Zach but Grandma has them and there's always something there for you too Sophie. I know you're probably still really mad and upset with me Zachary but I'm not going to stop showing you how much I love you both and sending you gifts, money and cards through out the year by ways of Grandma is the only way I can maintain some sort of contact and know that you'll actually receive it without having your mom sending all the items back.

River, Grandma and Sienna
I remember the weekend before Halloween 2006 when we sent you and Sophie home to your moms with the two pumpkins filled with all your candy and treats from our little Halloween party. I couldn't believe it when you told me the next time we saw you that "Mom gave all our candy away to her friends at work and wouldn't let us keep any of it"... You told me that Zach and it broke my heart to hear it. I know why you told me certain things about Mom and Simon and I know how upset it made you feel that I wouldn't respond but I couldn't.

Zach and Danika
You used to tell Angela a lot of things too, it was like you needed to get things off your chest. She told me once that you said to her how mad you were that your dog was taken away from you and how much you missed the cats. She was speechless. You told her in an angry voice "when I grow up no one is ever going take my dog away" I remember that black dog, you guys had it for about 6 months then it was gone. I'm sorry you had to deal with that loss and that I couldn't talk to you about it but your mom was in a very dark place and would twist our conversation into something negative and I couldn't put you in the middle and have you deal with the repercussions when you were at home. The irony of it all is your mom accused me of prying into her life anyway and that was the furthest thing from the truth! You kids are like walking tape recorders you would tell us stuff out of the blue just like I'm sure you told mom stuff about us too. It's natural that's what kids do. I miss you so much!!!

I want you to know your never far from my thoughts and although I don't want to know what your mom and Simon are doing I do have friends watching out for you, people who you still see and visit with so if there's anything that may seem strange to them they will let me know and I will take action.

I love you and will always do everything to keep you safe, besides your Grandma is one tough gal and won't let anything go unnoticed even though she doesn't tell me everything she tells me about you two, the important stuff! Either way I'm sure
Simon is on his absolute most best behaviour now, because he knows what is at stake and he still doesn't have a lot of fans out there.

I'm working on your website, it's going to take sometime but should be up this summer. Hope the ending of your school year goes well and that you're enjoying the heat poolside!

I Love you xoxoxoxooxo, Dad

Birthday Cake!

Birthday Cake!

Family Reunion

Family Reunion